Control Your Controllables – Mastery

Control Your Controllables – Mastery

“We can gain a competitive edge by using the same skills top athletes use to thrive under pressure.”

“Persons who have learnt to use their mind as a valuable weapon beat out the competition when performing under pressure.”

This program builds on Control Your Controllables and expands on the fundamental psychological skill that any achievement oriented person should possess – how to let go of stressful demands and refocus on the Controllables

Participants will first experience (through the game of Goalball) how the most challenging goals can be achieved even without your sense of sight, with the correct mindset and teamwork.

For the second part of the program, our psychology coach will build on the earlier experience and shape it into specific psychological skills that will help participants avoid over-analysis or overconfidence in pressure situations by managing their automatic responses.

During the workshop, our psychology coach will guide participants to…

  1. Experience exactly how being outcome focus triggers stress that will limit focus and confidence,
  2. Identify the demands that limit confidence and process goals and cues specific to their performance,
  3. Tap into their innate confidence by refocusing on ‘What’s Important NOW’ (W.I.N.),
  4. Practice the 3Rs to Refocusing – Recognize, Regroup and Refocus.
  5. Immediately practice applying WIN and the 3Rs to excel at work and in life!

This program can be also be adapted to help leaders develop coaching practices to help their colleagues succeed without being overwhelmed by stressors.

Programme Information

Duration: Full Day Program

Number of coaches: 3 with at least one who’s visually impaired, and a psychology coach for the second part of the program

Maximum number of participants: 25

For: Leaders and Management personnel, Sports Teams, Sales Force, Uniformed Services,  

Please email for more information. 

This program is developed by our National Coach, Hansen Bay. He was the recipient of the Singapore Disability Sports Award 2019, and serves as a Coach Developer and Sport & Psychology Coach. Read more about him here.