Coaching and The Growth Mindset

Coaching with the Growth Mindset

This full day program zooms in on the most basic yet significant psychological skill that any achievement oriented person should possess – how to let go of stressful demands and refocus on the Controllables. 

This has implications on our ability to align our thoughts with the Growth Mindset and to perform under pressure.

Participants will first go through the Control Your Controllables (CYC) program, before attending an interactive workshop where our psychology coach will expand on the mental skills learnt during CYC.

During the workshop, our psychology coach will guide participants to…

  1. Experience exactly how being outcome focus triggers stress that will limit focus and confidence
  2. Identify the demands that limit confidence and process goals specific to the organization   
  3. Tap into their innate confidence by refocusing on ‘What’s Important NOW’ (W.I.N.)
  4. Immediately practice applying WIN to excel at work and in life

Time will also be spent on helping leaders develop coaching practice to help their colleagues foster the Growth Mindset and to succeed without being overwhelmed by the stressors that come with the pursuit of excellence.

Programme Information

Duration: Full Day Program

Number of coaches: 3 with at least one who’s visually impaired, and a psychology coach for the second part of the program

Maximum number of participants: 25

For: Leaders and Management personnel 

Please email for more information. 

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