A Learn-to-Play programme that aims to rouse participants’ interest in the sport of Goalball. Participants will learn the fundamental skills and basic rules by participating actively in Lead Up™ Goalball, which is a modified version of the Paralympic game. Read more >


Control Your Controllables

Our most popular program!

Resilience is a skill that can be learnt, and the Paralympic sport of Goalball provides a thriving context for your team to learn the thinking skills associated with Resilience. The learning doesn’t stop after the game ends. Participants will also learn to apply the same thinking skills associated with Resilience and the Growth Mindset to your organization’s context, and to Life. Read more >



This programme builds on Control Your Controllables and expands on the fundamental psychological skill that any achievement oriented person should possess- how to let go of stressful demands and refocus on the Controllables.

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