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Does sport participation develop Resilience?

Indeed, overcoming setbacks and performing under pressure is key for achieving goals in sport, organizations and life. However, Sport is merely an opportunity for one to develop Resilience. Resilience does not happen by default. It takes a coach to teach Resilienceand Yes, Resilience is a skill that can be taught!

Leaders, Athletes and Sport Parents have described my coaching as “Easy to Understand”, “Specific” and “It works!”

Turning complex ideas into simple psychological skills is by far the most challenging piece when it comes to psychology coaching, and it’s also where my greatest strength lies. This is somewhat in contrast with the current field of Mental Toughness, which is either made absurdly complicated by “New” ideas layering on old ones or centered on broad theories that lack practicality.

Motivation is Bulls^*t!

Would you hire a “motivational tutor”? One who makes your child feel awesome but may not be able to help her pass exams?

Having served as a Psychology Coach to athletes from juniors to Olympians, and being a National Coach myself, I KNOW what performing under pressure is like, and I UNDERSTAND that motivation on its own has little value. What’s critical would be to help learners and athletes developtheMindset to bounce back stronger from inevitable setbacks, and to acquire the psychological skills to focus when under pressure.

“Stop telling me what to do!”

Teaching is not coaching. The Teacher is the “Expert” telling you what to do. Meanwhile, a Coach is more focused on helping the individual come up with the answers to their own problems.

Although both Teaching and Coaching are critical for learning and development, leaders tend to rely mainly on Teaching. This often leads to resistance to change, reduced determination, and even a strained relationship between the teacher and learner.

Whether you’re a Leader, Parent or Educator, you will be able to tap on my experience – former Assistant Director for Coaching Development at Singapore Sports Institute, and internationally qualified Coach Educator – to acquire the skills and processes used by professional coaches.

Process Focused Coaching

My coaching approach (infographic below), represents what I believe to be essential for developing resilient athletes who can excel both in Sport and in the game of Life.

Note: ‘Process Focused Coaching’ is licensed and may not be used without my written permission.

Hansen Bay

Coach Developer, Sport & Psychology Coach

Relevant Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Physical Education)
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
  • Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP, USA)
  • RP-SSI Certificate in Athlete Life Coaching
  • International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) Coach Developer
  • International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Coach Educator

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