All of Us Struggle with Blindness...

None of us knows for sure what will happen next with our work, ambitions or relationships. The outcomes are unclear and victory is never certain.

To manage change and to give ourselves the highest chance of success, we must learn to let go of these uncertainties and refocus on making full use of what we have, and what’s within our control…

Not Just For The Blind!

Resilience and the Growth Mindset are critical for learning and managing the stressors that come with the pursuit of excellence.

The Paralympic sport of Goalball provides a thriving example of how the most challenging goals can be met when individuals work together to develop a strategy for success. Your team would be guided by our athletes with visual impairment (No kidding!) as they physically and emotionally cope with the challenges presented by the game.

The learning doesn’t stop after the game ends. They will also learn to apply the same thinking skills associated with Resilience and the Growth Mindset to your organization’s context, and to Life.